Simplify your manual work

with stretch film dispensers ROS

designed by our packaging experts

Dispensers ROS for your comfortable packaging!

You can package more cartons with our Reel Off Set whether you are transport company, carrier or storeman! You will reduce the contact of your skin with the film to a minimum and unpleasant burning of fingers!
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See video - use ROS in practice - step 1 / 4 See video - use ROS in practice - step 2 / 4 See video - use ROS in practice - step 3 / 4 See video - use ROS in practice - step 4 / 4
Easy solution for your satisfaction and higher output! ROS is intented for the easy reeling off of a stretch film from paper cores during manual packing or fixation of goods on the pallet. By using the ROS you will get an easy reeling off of the film without painful burning of fingers, caused by friction with a paper core. The easy reeling off is achieved with help of two revolving conic parts, when one is inserted into the other - bearing effect.
play the video with use of ROS in practice